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The Infrared Sauna Blanket increases the body's thermal energy, enhances relaxation and promotes glowing skin. Infrared’s deeply penetrating heat promotes full-body detox, improved circulation, reduced inflammation, and inside-out healing. Charcoal binds to pollutants, helping to flush out impurities and deepen your detox. Clay layer emits negative ions and balances the heat. A grounding medical-grade magnetic strip improves blood flow and circulation. Healing amethyst & tourmaline layer deepens the benefits of infrared and naturally generates negative ions, which fight free radicals.

There are numerous health benefits to an infrared sauna blanket including, weight loss, muscle tension relief, detoxification, increased metabolism, and a stronger immune system. The controlled, timed heat, will cause the body to sweat and release toxins. The result is a loss of that excess body fat. Along with diet and exercise, the infrared sauna blanket can maintain a healthy immune system and body weight. The loss of toxins creates a healthy immune system and can boost your metabolism accelerating the burning of body fat. The controlled heat calms and soothes sore muscles allowing the body to continue moving fast and strong throughout the entire day.

Infrared Sauna Blanket Benefits

  • Elevates the body’s thermal energy
  • Promotes Glowing Skin: Improved circulation helps bring out your inner glow. Deep sweat caused by the sauna blanket helps your skin cleanse itself of bacteria and dead skin cells, while also stimulating collagen production. 
  • Enhanced Deep Relaxation: Grounding layers of crystal, charcoal, and clay promote a deeper state of rest. The blanket’s heat helps your body regulate the amount of cortisol, or the hormone released when you’re stressed out, in your blood. As the cortisol is reduced, serotonin is released, improving your overall stress levels. Additionally, as your aforementioned endorphin levels slowly decline, which leads to a more relaxed, deeper sleep. 
  • Boosts Circulation: Heating the body improves circulation. As your heart rate increases, your blood vessels widen, and your circulation increases in a way similar to the way low to moderate exercise makes your circulation increase.
  • Detoxifies & release toxins: Infrared saunas cause the body to produce a deep sweat, which pushes out toxins trapped deep in the skin. Increasing thermal heat supports the body’s natural detoxification process.
  • Burns Calories: Sweating in a sauna is like working out, without the workout. 300-600 calories
  • Muscle Recovery: Infrared heat aids in post-workout muscle recovery by reducing inflammation, muscle spasms and muscle soreness. Recover aches & pains with deep penetrating infrared heat.
  • Releases Endorphins: The sauna blanket’s heat causes your body to release endorphins, and as the great Elle Woods once said, "Endorphins make you happy.”
  • Reduces the appearance of cellulite and increases metabolism.
  • Boost immune system, lower blood pressure and reduce inflammation.
  • Helps with rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia

The Infrared Body Wrap is a natural heat therapeutic treatment which uses Far Infrared Heat Energy (FIR) that penetrates twice as deep as other heat sources to target toxins and cellulite trapped in pockets below the surface of the skin. Using the body’s natural cooling system, the deep heat treatment stimulates metabolism and helps to reduce cellulite, burn calories, remove stores toxins, increase weight loss and help to contour one’s body. Simultaneously, the deep penetrating heat will help relieve chronic pain, improve joint mobility and increase blood circulation. Unlike traditional body wraps, the Infrared Body Wrap does not use mud or liquids and does not even require you to remove your clothing.

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