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Yoni Oil

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Empress Organics Organic Yoni Oil & Moisturizer is made with USDA Certified Organic Ingredients. This specially formulated yoni oil will help to add moisture, soothe and soften the most sensitive areas of a woman's skin. Use Empress Organics Yoni Oil to proactively support a healthy pH balance and restore natural vaginal flora.

Why Our Yoni Oil Is Better! 

  • Certified Organic ingredients means no adverse skin reactions while naturally reversing the effects of aging
  • Alleviates Dryness
  • Full of Vitamin A, C and antioxidants
  • Anti Fungal Properties
  • Relieves Itching & Candida
  • Anti-inflammatory and Antimicrobial Properties
  • No Chemicals, No Parabens, No Animal Testing!
  • USDA Certified Organic   

    Directions: After a shower/bath apply a few drops to intimate area twice a day, or as much as needed to invigorate the senses, relax the body, and support smooth sexual experience for you and your partner. Made for daily use